Never start AI with just data or technology

99% of AI Success = 33% Business, Process & People, 33% Data & Tech, 33% Capability & Resource

I am a Responsible AI advocate, AI strategy & innovation advisor/ partner. 
Let me help you to boost your AI ROI by finding the right AI opportunities & use cases, aligning AI strategy, designing custom AI Solutions & accelerating innovation using best practices and research-based guidance.

20+ years of experience in Research, Innovation, Design & Transformation

Carried out 100+ research and design studies impacting millions of customers

10+ scientific publications in HCI, cognitive systems engineering & UX

PhD in systems engineering and MBA from Warwick Business School

Certification from MIT on AI Strategy, Products and Service Design & Roadmap

Dr Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram - AI Consultant/ trusted advisor
As an AI Innovation & Strategy partner/ AI consultant, I am dedicated to helping you succeed. 

For over 23 years, I have transformed millions of customer and user experiences and efficiently designed products and services in the public & private sectors by demystifying business complexities, uncovering problem space, identifying the right opportunities, challenging the status quo to prioritise opportunities, creating strategy and tailoring solutions to boost ROI.

I am specialised in bridging the gap between business, process, data, technology, and people - combining research & design scientific knowledge with abduction & deduction reasoning for identifying AI opportunities and solutions; complemented by software & systems engineering methodology for creating a business case and use case; and supported by deep strategic expertise to align AI with business strategy for seamless digital transformation.

Key highlights:
√ AI use case guidance and template for predictive analytics, conversational AI, NLP, process automation and medical diagnosis.
√ Speaker at the AI Summit & international conferences and a guest lecturer/ executive AI training for MBAs, e.g., Imperial College and Aramco.
√ Published scientific papers and research on user-centred design, human-computer interaction and cognitive systems engineering.

No matter where you are in your AI journey, I provide tailored AI consultancy/ partner services.

Let me help you to boost your AI ROI. I will guide you through each step of your AI journey hands-on, from initiation to the delivery of AI, to help you realise the full potential of your strategic vision. More importantly, I ensure that the AI & ML is built with empathy, fairness & transparency & meet regulation & legal compliance standards for designing Responsible and Explainable AI. 

Public sector - innovation and AI UX consulting
Accenture -  innovation, design and management consulting
NHS - digital health research, design, cognitive systems engineering and strategy consulting
DfE government, public sector for product management, human-centered research, AI UX design and training consultant
DWP government, public sector for product management, research, human-centred UX and training consultant
ESFA government, public sector for human-centered research, UX solutions design, and usability consultant
Barclyas - innovation, design and management consultant
EU - Research scientist, cognitive systems engineering

I provide AI consulting/ partner services for accelerating innovation and maximising value from Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

No matter were you are in your AI journey, I work closely with your team to provide support as a consultant, AI partner or trusted advisor with 360 degrees, holistic perspective by considering the entire ecosystem for designing responsible AI and explainable AI using best practices, research-based guidance and training. 


AI Exploration & AI Strategy

Demystify your business complexities and customer experiences to provide you with AI opportunities, priorities, goals, scope, requirements, AI capability needs & AI Strategy.

♦ Ethnographic research
♦ Business process analysis
♦ Data & systems analysis
♦ Long-term strategic vision
♦ AI business case
♦ AI Strategy 


AI Solutions Design & Use Case

Prioritise AI opportunities to design AI solutions, use cases and prototype to test AI feasibility along with an in-depth recommendation for AI, plan, data requirements & roadmap.

♦ Human-centred AI research
♦ Design sprints 
♦ UX AI design
♦ AI use cases & scenario
♦ AI plan & roadmap
♦ Rapid prototyping


Responsible & Explainable AI

I ensure you incorporate Responsible AI principles for ethics, regulation, trust, security and bias. I work with your team to review & test for explainable AI development.

♦ Human-centred AI research
♦ Mental models 
♦ Cognitive task analysis
♦ UX usability & A/B testing
♦ Bias evaluation
♦ Iterative development


Partner for AI Audit & AI Capabilities building

I partner with organisations from the start to finish to provide expert guidance, training and research & help you build the required AI capability to succeed in AI/ ML transformation.

♦ AI training for managers
♦ Find and evaluate vendors
♦ Organisation capability needs 
♦ Recruit and build AI team
♦ Guidance and mentoring
♦ AI research & use cases 

Every business is unique with differing complexity, data and processes. AI solution for one company may not work for another company

I can help you to identify and design the right AI solutions that is best for your business by studying
your business ecosystem by understanding business processes, analysing data, liaising with management, discovering UX and customer experience and exploring organisational capabilities.
Predictive Analytics

Help you to understand customer behaviour, data, and outcomes to develop high-value use case

AI Decision Support

Augment human intelligence by understanding behaviour, mental models & decision making

AI Process Automation

Understand business process, stakeholder experience to develop value proposition for automation

NLP & Text Analysis

Assess the requirement for NLP, business needs and goals to provide customer centric initiatives

 Conversational AI

Augment human intelligence by understanding behaviour of human or an organisation & decision making

AI Recommenders

Understand business process, stakeholder experience to develop value proposition for automation

AI for Healthcare
AI for Finance, Banking & Insurance
AI for Public Sector
AI for Retail & Customer Service

"Anandhi has helped us to identify the right problem and strategy to cut down unnecessary effort." 

I help managers and leaders to successfully adapt and scale AI

I am a speaker and lecturer in human-centered AI innovation, AI UX, AI Solutions Design and Responsible AI. I provide fixed price AI training for managers, leaders and business executives to fit your schedule at your premise. AI training for managers and leaders will be customised based on your requirements to achieve your goals for AI adoption.

I frequently publish research findings and guidance online and in scientific journals

Personalised Medicine 

Find out templates and guidance for Personalised medicine business and use case development.

AI Clinical Decision Support System

Discover the guidance, challenges, risks and tips for developing AI Clinical Decision Support business.

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Use the template and guidance to developing use case using predictive analytics in healthcare.

AI Medical imaging 

Learn from real-world examples and challenges as to how you can create high-val use case for AI image analysis.

AI in Healthcare Diagnosis

Get frameworks & approach to see how to develop use case for diagnosing infectious diseases.

Healthcare Virtual Assistance 

See how to develop use case for AI-powered chatbots in healthcare.

Supporting Everyday Cardiovascular Disease Self-care Decision Making: Are we there yet? 

Although some of the severe consequences of cardiovascular disease (CVD) can be minimized through vital signs monitoring and treatment adherence tools, the magnitude of CVD continues to accelerate globally...

Modelling elderly cardiac patients decision making using Cognitive Work Analysis: Identifying requirements for patient decision aids

Patients make various healthcare decisions on a daily basis. Such day-to-day decision making can have significant consequences on their own health, treatment... 

CISDA Development Process for decision aids to support self-care decision making

The self-care management of chronic disease patients is complicated by various everyday decisions that range from routine ill-structured problems, e.g., “What to eat?” to uncertain symptoms-related decisions, e.g., “Why do I feel tired?” Such decisions can have....

End-user perception towards pervasive cardiac healthcare services: Benefits, acceptance, adoption, risks, security, privacy and trust

This study examined patient and caregiver's perception regarding pervasive healthcare…

A systematic approach for developing decision aids: From cognitive work analysis to prototype design and development

Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) has proved successful in supporting Human Factors analysis,
providing a system‐level view of operations …

Higher education provision using systems thinking approach–case studies

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the complexities involved in higher education provision
and how systems thinking and socio-technical systems (STS) thinking approach can be …

An Integrated Design Approach for Supporting Elderly Cardiac Patient Self-Management.

Elderly Cardiac Patients Medication Management - Patient Day-To-Day Needs and Review of Medication Management Systems

An approach to designing interactive decision support system for cardiac patients.

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