I provide research based guidance by studying use case for innovation, strategy, and design to augment human decision making & interaction

Why me?

20+ years of experience in public & private sector digital transformation

Subject matter expert in human-centred design and AI Strategy for products & services 

10+ scientific publications & presented in conferences

PhD in systems engineering and MBA from Warwick Business School

Certification from MIT on AI Strategy, Products and Service Design & Roadmap

Carried out 100+ research and design studies for digital transformation

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I am a Serial Entrepreneur, AI Strategist and Human-centred Innovation Expert

I help companies and startups in their AI journey as a business consultant, trainer, innovation workshop and co-creation facilitator! I am passionate bringing in best practices for creating responsible AI products & services. Most importantly, I have learnt several valuable lessons from my failures in innovation and entrepreneurship. I have a developed deep functional expertise in research & design, human-computer interaction, cognitive systems engineering and AI pipeline. I hold a proven track record in digital strategy, product design and delivery of successful service design for 20+ million customers.

AI Capabilities

Predictive Analytics

Help you to understand customer behaviour, data, and outcomes to develop high-value use case

Expert System/ Decision Support

Augment human intelligence by understanding behaviour of human or an organisation & decision making

Process Automation

Understand business process, stakeholder experience to develop value proposition for automation

NLP & Text Analysis

Assess the requirement for NLP, business needs and goals to provide customer centric initiatives

I provide services for accelerating and maximising value from Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Human-centered AI Assessment
AI Strategy & Roadmap
AI Innovation & Prototype
AI Partner & Leadership Mentoring

Avoid misalignment - Find a REAL problem

As 50% of AI projects fail due to misalignment, I analyse hundreds of studies and use cases and apply user-centred design process to assess opportunities for augmenting human decision making & interaction

Understand business process & goals

To identify where you can apply AI for your business

Research with customers & business stakeholders. 

Understand experiences and make sense of data for building use cases

Create value proposition and high-value use case 

Develop high-value use cases where AI/ ML are implemented/ can be deployed
Help to align AI strategies with business

70-80% of companies fail in AI. MIT study with 2,500 executive shows that companies have minimal impact from AI due to lack of a clear AI strategy, rather than technical. So, how to integrate AI into organisations strategy, people and business process?

I work closely with you and your team to deliver:
            o      Specific outcomes, measurable goals, and resource recommendations
            o      Strategic vision and development plan for incorporating people, processes, and technologies
            o      Guidelines for successfully deploying AI system capabilities with DevOps, MLOps, and DevSecOps
            o      End-to-end AI architecture at the systems engineering level

Avoid the "tech trap" and risks in innovation

Workshop and guidance for AI Innovation & Prototype
4 week AI POC - Fastest way to experiment and realise value.

I help companies to systematically accelerate AI product innovation and prototype Proof Of Concept within 4 weeks.

Design Sprint - Rapid discovery, minimal time & cost

I help companies to identify use cases, design and prototype to evaluate feasibility and roadmap for AI/ ML development & deployment.

Not sure where to start on your AI Journey?

I provide support as a partner, consultant - product management and leadership mentoring to lead, research, strategize, prototype, systems architecture and roadmap for deploying AI systems in responsible ways to augment human decision making and interaction. Taking a 360 degrees, holistic perspective, I prove techniques for transitioning from development into operations. 

          o   Consider the entire ecosystem, recruit and build multi-disciplinary AI capabilities
          o   Formulate long-term strategic vision, strategy and roadmap for AI/ ML products 
          o   Work with the team to understand business goals, identify high-value use cases and build AI pipelines for launching new products 
          o   Mentor, lead and manage high-tech teams


"Anandhi has helped us to identify the right problem and strategy to cut down unnecessary effort." 

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